Hi there! I am Devaki Phanse -Sonawala.

100recipepromise is a blog of all the food experiments, of all the promises I made to myself as a mom. A memoir of all the food i make and recipes i develop. I was born in a Kokunastha Brhmin Household , grew up among Gujarati Neighbors all this Calicut , Kerala. Hence most of cooking revolves around all these cultures and i want to leave behind as many recipes, stories and memories  for my daughter .

My love for cooking started way back in school.  I remember making food for my friends (3 of them) and testing most of my recipes on them. They were my guinea pigs, i collected recipes from aunts and other relatives from Pune and Mumbai. My friends mums and TV Cookery Shows. I also remember taking food to school that I cooked and friends loving it. Of course, I have my share of disasters and epic failures, but who doesn’t?

I have been wanting to create a blog for a very long time now. Almost 6 years, wherever I traveled when I visited friends and family, my attention always drew to what went into making the dish, how it is made,  food props, food photography background and most importantly endless conversations with the person who made it etc. A food lover soul but also happily working as a Business Development Professional. Fast Forward and I met my husband, we got married in 2010 and come 2014, Inara was born.  A few months into motherhood, I decided that I wanted to write a book for her with 100 family recipes in each volume and publish that on her wedding day and keep that for close friends and family. I started writing the book and soon found the pages lying here and there thanks to Inara.

How i came up with the whole idea

I did some research and that’s when I realized that there are already so many books that are family cookbooks and my idea was not an invention. Some of them were the Gore Family Cookbook By Saee of MyJholaThe Sood Family Cookbook
Aparna Jain and more . You can read the article here. I was  intrigued and connected straight to Saee of MyJhola and went on to read her blog, by far the most genuine and straight from the heart blog. I connect with almost everything she writes because many of her recipes are similar to what i ate as a child.

Last year while making a chart and must-dos for the year 2016, I came up with the name

“100RecipePromise” and promised to myself that I will work on writing this book, by meeting distant family members and spending time with them and note down recipes,cooking them and then write them with exact measurements.  My childhood and school friend Amee suggested that put this all online and make a blog ,” i see a blogger in you Dev” she exclaimed.

I finally started this with also the hope that this should give me daily bread and butter, and surprise, surprise I was gifted an SLR by the dearest husband.  Overjoyed , excited and scared, Scared because I was one of those who couldn’t click a decent picture without shaking and all my pictures were blurry, all my friends would agree: D 😀

But as they say where there a will there is a way.

Contact Me

Thanks for reading about me and please do try my recipes and leave your comments . Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for other snippets.Get in touch with me on 9545638018 or [email protected] for any collaborations.