bharli vangi recipe|how to make bharli vangi

bharli vangi recipe using InstaGredients Tarri Masala -stuffed  aubergine/brinjals is a traditional maharashtrian side dish and is very popular in restaurants serving maharashtrian cuisine. they sent me their entire range of masalas except Mutton because i’m a vegetarian. the tarri masala was fragrant and had a nice aroma of ginger and garlic. I usually make this with potatoes because that way i eat the aubergines and kunal and the daughter eat the potatoes.

If making the Gujju way i add besan but for this one i did not. these are made using the baby brinjals the ones that are dark purple. the purple, white green ones are ok as well. other recipes that i want to try making are vangi pohe , the recipe for which my grandmother’s sister shared . that is an heirloom recipe and i cant wait to try it. since the tarri masala was spicy i did not chilli powder.

  • aubergines-5
  • potatoes-2
  • ground nut powder-1/4 cup
  • sesame seeds-5 tbsp
  • coriander-3 tbsp
  • tarri masala-5 tbsp
  • sugar-2 tbsp
  • salt-to taste
  • coriander powder-3 tbsp
  • jeera powder-2 tbsp
  • amchur powder
 method of making the bharli vangi recipe
  • wash the aubergines and leave the stem. make a plus sign on the bottom and immerse them in the water.
  • wash and peel the potatoes and cut them in chunks.
  • mix the masala well and taste test. adjust the seasoning as per your taste, reserve.
  • stuff the aubergines/vangi with the masala.
  • in a non stick pan , add 5 tbsp oil and tip in the potatoes. saute.
  • add the brinjals and mix well. add the leftover masala.
  • add 1/2 cup water and cover.
  • check and mix once or twice in between
  • let it cook thoroughly.
  • ensure the potatoes are cooked to perfection
  • your bharli vangi is ready to serve

these should be ideally served with jowar bhakri , i served with rotis and kadhi.






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