Chhole Bhature

Chhole Bhature

The day after my engagement we went to a famous eatery in Mumbai near Nariman Point. We ordered Chhole Bhature and this recipe is what I adapted there. I noticed  the addition of cooked Moong Dal and Ananrdana. Cooked Moong dal is only for the consistency and I add this most of the time. After about a year or so Kunal took me for a drive near his college and that’s probably the first time I got to know “stories” of his college life and something that caught y attention was his love for Chhole Bhature . He said that they stayed up on Saturday nights and Sunday early breakfast would be Chhole Bhature and those are his favorite. Needless to say, that’s our brunch at least three Sundays a month, That’s the thing about food, it always has good memories and some story to tell. This Diwali we attended a potluck and the person who hosted it made Chhole Bhature. These Bhature were the best by far I had tasted, no -oily, tasty and cooked well. I took the recipe from her and I cannot thank her enough. Her trick of adding Milk powder worked like Magic.





Chhole-200 grams (After Soaking these will double or more)

Cooked Moong Dal-1/2 cup



Ginger and Garlic-3tbsps each

Tomato Puree-3 cups

Cooked Moong dal- ¼ cup

Kasoori Methi-2 tbsp

Salt-To taste

Chaat Masala-2 tsp

Chana Masala/Garam Masala-3 tbsp

Red Chilli Powder-2 tbsp

Asafoetida-a generous pinch

Whole Garam masalas- Shahi Jeera, Cinnamon, Green Cardamom, Black Cardamom, Star Anise-A few



Step 1-Soak Chana Overnight and pressure cook them in the morning with salt and Asafoetida

Step 2- Make a paste of Onions, Ginger, Garlic and Dry Anardana (Pomegranate Seeds)

Step 3- Heat 3-5 tbsps. oil in a wok, add the Whole Garam Masalas. Let them splutter.

Add the Onion Paste and Sauté till oil starts separating

Step 4- Add the dry masalas and some water. Let this cook away for another7 minutes and then add the tomato Puree

Step 5-Cover and cook this for 10 minutes. Add the Chaat Masala , Kasoori Methi and Cooked Moong Dal and Chana/ Garbanzo Beans. Adjust water and seasoning

Let it boil for 10 mins on low heat. Garnish with Lemon wedges, Coriander and ginger cut lengthwise.



Maida-1/2 kilo

Rawa/Sooji-100 grams

Milk Powder-100 grams

Salt- To Taste

Curd-Enough to make dough



Mix everything except curd. Make a smooth dough using curd only. And let this sit for three hours before frying. You can also use the buttermilk that’s obtained after making butter.



3 thoughts on “Chhole Bhature”

  1. Wonderful recipe n would definetly want to try it. But one doubt. You have mentioned cooked moong dal twice in the ingredients section. How’sver in the method section, you have mentioned cooked Chana/garbanzo beans. Pls. can u clarify. Thanks.

    1. Dear Vilma
      Thanks a ton for stopping by. It has both, Cooked Moong Dal and Chhole. The cooked moong dal is for consistency. You can skip it if you are not adamant about a thick gravy. At our home we prefer it thick.

      Thanks and Best

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