Dhaniya Jeera Powder

This is a staple masala that is used in every Gujarati Household. Be it everyday dal or sabzi.
I started using this after I got married in a Gujrati Household. Every house has a separate recipe. I usually get mine from Mumbai, which my mother in law gets it pounded from a local Mill in Kandivali. However this year I asked her not to get my stock as I had quite a lot left from last year.And it got over last month. Hence I made this at home. And here is my recipe.

Dry Green Coriander- 100 grams
Whole Cumin-100 grams
Garam Masala( Store Bought)- 50 grams

Dry Roast Coriander and Cumin Separately. Cool and grind. Add 50 grams Garam Masala
and mix well. Once cooled store in airtight jar.

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