Digestive Aftermint/ Mouth Freshner

Digestive After mint

Mukhvaas/ Badishoap is a vital part of a Gujratis life,it helps in digestion and also keeps the body cool.
Back in Calicut, i remember my friend’s moms would all stock this up. I’ve also seen some stored in fancy Liquor Bottles. My motivation to make this was my daughter who loves this. She goes to the neighbor and asks for this always.I got the recipe from my neighbor friend.

Variyari/Saunf/ Fennel Seeds-300 grams
Dhana Dal/ Split Coriander Seeds-200 grams
Flax Seeds-100 grams
Dill Seeds/Shopa/Suva-100 grams
Til/Sesame Seeds-70 grams
Ajwain/Owa/ Carom Seeds-50 grams
Lemon juice-6 tbsps
Salt – To taste

Measure out each ingredient separately in deep bowls.
Add three tbsp lemon in Fennel and Dhana dal/ Split Coriander Seed
Sprinkle some turmeric and salt to taste.
In Flax Seed , Dill Seeds and Sesame seeds add two tbsp lemon juice,turmeric and salt to taste.
In Sesame and Carom add one tbsp lemon juice , turmeric, and salt to taste.
Mix well with hand and leave this aside for an hour.
Dry roast separately in a deep wok, spread on SEPARATE thalis.
Let cool and mix well.
Roast again for two mins altogether. Cool, comepletely and store in airtight container. Stays crispy for a good six months.



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