Fresh Tender Ginger and Fresh Turmeric Pickle

Fresh Tender Ginger and Fresh Turmeric Pickle

Winter pickle making is on and I’m loving it. This pickle like the traditional ones does not have red chili pickle and mustard powder.  This is the way Kunal and I like. Simple with Lemon, Salt and Green Chilies

I have been making this for a really long time now, even when in high school I remember making this for dad the exact same way.  It’s simple and is part of all our meals. I can eat it just like that in between meals too. But it particularly goes well with Chole Bhatura.  I also remember my friend’s grandma making a similar pickle but with only turmeric.

I, however, like the tender ginger more than fresh turmeric. So, I added only a part of fresh turmeric and more of Tender Ginger here is the recipe


Fresh Tender Ginger-Half Kilo

Fresh Turmeric- 150 Grams

Lemons- 15


Salt- 25 Grams or to taste


Clean the Fresh Turmeric and Tender Ginger by immersing it in water for at least an hour. Then clean under running water and peel. Slice into thin slivers. Add in salt, juice of 15 lemons and slit green chilies. Leave this for two days in the fridge mixing twice a day. Once the chilies turn pale store in airtight containers.



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