gor keri recipe and joys of summer

every year i dread the onset of summer and i’m ever complaining , this year was nothing different. summers started and a month went by until i went home to Calicut. our old kitchen store room is now empty , a place that was filled with drums and the drums with wheat, various varieties of dals and sugar, its like an era gone by and now the drums are shifted to the go-down, there are no kids in the house, nor are there enough women who run the kitchen. ¬†i had to re-create the feeling at home and so this year i started with storage of wheat for half a year. ( if not full year) and making pickles. the number of varieties i planned and actually made are poles apart but there is always a next time. Summers brings its happiness with such things and i realized that i was just being a pessimist. there are so many joys like storage of grains, making pickles, papads and drying and sterilizing your beds and blankets . and the best of them is mangoes and aam ras. next summers i’m going to put all of these on My YouTube Channel¬†

  • Katki Kairi
  • Gor Keri
  • Khatu Athanu
  • Chana Methi Athanu
  • Gunda Keri
  • Sunder Keri
  • Choondo
  • Mahrashtrain God Loncha
  • Sakhar Aamba
  • Gul Aamba
  • Lonche

Out of these i made only Choondo, Gor Keri and Lonche. the lonche masala that i made turned out terribly bitter. and the end result was sour too. I repaired this by adding some more rai na kuriya and salt.

But surprisingly the Gor Keri turned out the way it should. YUM!

here is the recipe for the gorkeri masala. the masala is for one kilo of chopped mangoes. so you will have to buy 1. kilos of mango , discard the seed and then the final weight should be 1 kilo. i got it chopped from the vendor. washed , dried , peeled and chopped small. i used rajapuri raw mangoes. the recipe is from my neighbors mum and i cant be more thankful.


For the gor keri masala

  • Oil-4 tbsp
  • Dhana Na Kuriya/ Crushed Whole Coriander-150 grams
  • Rai na Kuriya/ Rai chi Dal/ Crushed Yellow Mustard-50 grams
  • Methi na Kuriya/ Whole crushed Fenugreek- 50 grams
  • Kashmiri red Chilli Powder-1/4 cup
  • Powdered Sugar-1/4 cup
  • Salt- Sufficient for the masala, Not excess.
  • Heat the oil in a wok and rai na kuriya, Dhana na Kuriya and Methi na kuriya. Stir for two mins and then add the chilli powder, Sugar and Salt. Again mix for 2 mins and switch off the gas.
  • You can make this masala a day or two in advance . Store at room temperature.
How to make the pickle.
For the final pickle you will need
  • Chopped Jaggery-1 kilo
  • Salt-4 tsp
  • Turmeric- 1.5 tsp
How to make the pickle.
  • the first step is to wash the mangoes clean. Dry them and peel.
  • Chop them medium size. Dry them on a cloth for an hour
  • Transfer to a glass bowl. Add salt and Turmeric and set aside overnight.
  • Next morning drain them in a mesh for an hour and again transfer on a cloth.
  • Transfer the cloth on a big plate and dry the mangoes in the sun for 3 -4 hours.
  • Meanwhile mix the masala and Jaggery in a big vessel
  • After the mangoes are dried , transfer them to this mixture.
  • Mix well and let this be in the vessel for 2 days.
  • Mix three times in a day .
  • Once you see that the jaggery is completely melted transfer in sterilized glass or porcelain jars.
  • Gor Keri is ready to serve with Phulkas, Thepla, Handvo, Muthiya.



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