Grandma’s Green Chilli Pickle Recipe

This is my Maternal Grandmothers recipe and also the trick to ensure that no pickle is wasted.

Usually, chili is chopped, slit and then pickles. I remember Aaji making a paste of the chilies. Wearing a mask, clad in a maxi gown and an apron she was quite the beast when it came to cooking. There isn’t any dish that I remember not liking. Even the simplest of the dishes like “Mou Bhaath” “Pej” or “Kanji” in Malayalam is delicious. She served this pickle, one “Poha Papad” and “Mou Bhaath” with Metkut for breakfast when we came down to Pune for our Vacations.  I, however, chopped them finely in a Food Processor.  This one is easy and takes less than an hour.


Green Chili Pickle
Green Chili Pickle

Recipe To Make Chilli Pickle

Green Chilies- Half a kilo


Salt-7 tsp

K-Pra or any other Pickle masala- 100 grams

Oil-5 tbsp


For Homemade Pickle Masala

Mustard seeds-30 grams coarsely crushed

Fenugreek Seeds-25 grams coarsely crushed

Fennel Seeds-25 grams Coarsely Crushed

Kalonji/ Nigella Seeds-10 grams(Optional)

Asafoetida-10 grams

Turmeric Powder-1 tsp



Remove the tips of the pickle and wash thoroughly.  Let them air dry for at least 4-5 hours ensuring there is no Moisture. I wiped them with a clean cloth just before adding them to the Food Processor. Blitz the chilies in a Food Processor ton high speed for 2-3 minutes. Transfer to clean and dry bowl and Add salt, Masala. Lemon Juice and Oil. Mix well and store in an airtight glass container or Cheeni Miti Jars.


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