Green and Red Chilli Stuffed Pickle

Whenever i visit my in-laws i make  sure i go to a shop that sells almost 50 varieties of Khakra . They also have pickles, masalas and almost all pantry staples that you can think of. Their Whole Chilli stuffed pickle was one my favorite buys.

I saw these chilies in the local vegetable market at Kandivali and i could not be happier. I picked up 100 grams each as i remembered watching this on Kunal Kapurs show Pickled Nation.( Yes, i watch Living Foodz all the time) I had to make it now.  Came back to Pune and got a packet of K-Pra Chilli Masala Pickle and here is the recipe. These chillies are big and less spicy specially for the pickle.

Green and Red Chilli pickle
Green and Red Chilli pickle

Green Chillies-100 grams

Red Chillies- 100 grams

k-Pra Chilli Masala-80 grams

Salt-50 grams

Jeera-20 grams- To Temper

Whole Mustard- To Temper

Kalonji-To Temper

Oil- 1/2 cup

Take a clean bowl and add the K-Pra Masala and Salt. heat oil and temper with Mustard Seeds, Cumin and Kalonji. Mix immediately in the Masala Mix.  Leave for about half hour.

Meanwhile wash and wipe each chili and slit in between, Ensure there is no moisture.

Fill in each  Chillies with Masala and keep it in another bowl. Mix in the remaining masala and transfer the contents to a clean glass jar. Enjoy with Stuffed Parathas, Plai Rice and Pulao.





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