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I have been away for a really long time. Almost unacceptable i know, but i was caught up in a wedding frenzy and you’d know if you are following me on Instagram that I’m busy with family weddings and then a sick week and still recovering. Heavy head and running nose are almost unbearable but I’m trying to stay upbeat and happy because there are even worse things happening around and counting my blessings is the best thing to do.

I am also very grateful for my neighbours , we share food , memories , recipes help each other with kids this makes life simple, fuss-free and easy . What more would you ask for? My neighbor sent me this pickle which her mother-in-law had sent to her. And i fell in love. It was soo good! I had to make it and add it to my keepsake recipes .


Fresh Turmeric Pickle Recipe

Fresh turmeric- 250 grams

Sugar-200 grams

Salt-5 tbsp

Oil-150 Grams

K-Pra Pickle Masala-160 grams

Lemon Juice-3 tbsp

Sweet Turmeric Pickle
Sweet Turmeric Pickle

Wash and Peel  Fresh Turmeric. Wipe the Turmeric dry and grate it. In a “Parath” or thali place the grated Turmeric, Masala, Sugar and Salt .Now heat the oil and spread it evenly on the Pickle ingredients . Mix and let it sit covered overnight or for five to six hours. Transfer to an airtight jar and eat after 3-4 days, Tastes so good with Bhakri or Pearl Millet Flatbread





3 thoughts on “how to make sweet turmeric pickle| turmeric pickle|”

  1. Hey…that looks awesome . But what is kpra masala? And if I reduce the sugar??? I’m not too fond of jammy pickles….
    Itching to try this.

    1. Hi Tia,
      Thanks for writing . K-Pra masala is a pickle masala. You could use any pickle masala and you can replace Sugar with Jaggery as well. Reduce it to 120 grams and add a touch of lemon juice and salt so it gives a nice flavor. Hope this helps and i’m glad you liked the recipe

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