Mohanthal Recipe


The last picture that I put up of Mohanthal was before I could cut it into pieces and I am going, to be honest. It crumbled and I did not get the pieces like I should have got.

They say that the testimony of a good “Maharaj” is his ability to make Mohanthal. Maharaj means  a cook in Gujarati and he is someone who is respected and loved in a community and for the family he works.

This one is a very special recipe.  I made Mohanthal 9 times before I could perfect it. Umpteen number of videos and umpteen phone calls to people whom I know are gods of Mohanthal making, and wasting 800 grams of flour and 500 grams of ghee and doing the ratio math before I could make it again is what it took to get this. The sense of achievement and happiness that I feel is unmatched(well I have been p and jumping jobs since the time I’ve had my daughter and it’s not a good feeling)  this Diwali is special for the reason that  I can now make a good Mohanthal and it has got new light to my life.

Here is the recipe. This one is my recipe. (Beaming with Pride)

This will be a step by step recipe.


Step 1-  Grease a Thali and set aside

Step 2- This is called as “Dhabo Devano” in Gujarati. This step is so you get even crumbs of in the flour. You Have to mix the following ingredients and run through a sieve. You will need a sieve with medium holes, not as big which is used for Wheat, one smaller than that. Milk and ghee have to be at room temperature. Mix all of these and rub it with your hands. This should take 3-4 minutes and run through a sieve.

  • Gram Flour- Coarsely Ground- 220 grams
  • Ghee-40 grams
  • Milk-60 Grams

Step 3- In a wok/Kadhai take 100 grams’ ghee and add the sieved flour. Roast it on a slow flame until it turns a light red color, Set aside.

Step 4- In a thick bottomed pan mix the following ingredients and start making the sugar syrup on low heat.  I have mentioned the water also in grams because I only have that scale.  Once it comes to a boil mix well with a spatula. We need a stage lesser than single string consistency. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Every minute put a drop on a plate and if it flows /runs easily continue cooking. Put another drop on a plate and once it’s a stable/ wobbly you’re done . Switch off the gas and let it sit while you move to the next step

Sugar-160 grams

Water-60 grams

Step 6- Take 45 grams’ hot milk and add two drops of orange-red food color and pour this into the roasted flour and mix and mix. Once you add hot milk the flour will jump. Don’t panic, this should happen. Now after this add the sugar syrup and mix like a pro until it’s all well incorporated.

Step 7- Pour on the greased thali and spread evenly. Decorate with dry fruit powder or Pistachio and Almond slivers and silver paper. Let this rest for a good two hours. Cut to diamond shaped and remove with a “ Ulathna”/ Thavetho/ Offset Spatula.






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