Pista Pedha Recipe

Pista Pedha


Pedha is a nothing but reduced milk. The best pedha ive had till date is mum’s homemade pedha. Fresh cow milk was abundant and we were lucky and blessed to have had experienced that feeling. I clearly remember my grandfather scooping fresh cow milk foam and rubbing that into eyes. Apparently, this was good for eyesight and I cannot complain. Mom would make in really huge batches and without any added flavors, not even cardamom or saffron Just sugar and milk. The colour used to be a light brown and I cannot write much about those days in one go. My childhood is filled with so many such memories. I remember stealing them in the afternoon or at night once all the women were out of the kitchen J.

I am trying to document every detail of food and the stories of my childhood for my baby along with feeding her wholesome homemade goodness. This pedha is nowhere close to mums, nonetheless Inara devoured these.



Yields about 20 pedhas

Whole Buffalo Milk- 1.5 Litres

Sugar-10-12 tbsps.

Pista Powder-5-6 Tbsps.

Cardamom Powder-Generous Pinch


In a thick bottom pan, add the milk and sugar. Let it boil away on low heat. Ensure you keep an eye and stir it every 2-3 minutes ensuring that it doesn’t stick to the bottom.  Once it reaches a custardy consistency stir continuously. After about 15 minutes it will turn to Khoya/Mawa Consistency, Add the pista powder and cardamom powder at this stage. Mix continuously and once you notice that there is no moisture , remove on a plate and let cool for about half hour . Roll to balls and top with a slice of pista or leave it as is. I used a “Soraya” (a special spoon for karanji) for making indentations.


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