quinoa idli recipe|how to make quinoa idli

im kinda obsessed with one thing at certain stage like for now iwant to try various idli and dosa recipes. Ive so far tried Ragi Idli, Mixed Lentil Idli and then there is regular idli. and now Quinoa Idli. True Elements sent me a pack of quinoa and the first thing that came to my mind was Idli . I made a small batch to test . If you doubt that since its a grain you have never cooked with and are unsure about its fermentation process like me, then  i have some perfect tips for you. I used standard half cup measurement which is will make one batch of Mini Idlis and about 4-5 Dosas. Since its just Inara and me, this quantity is good enough for us,  You may use one cup measurement if there are 5-6 people. Also this is my first  post with step by step pictures and i have to say that this way is not so easy but i do want to make that a pattern as its easier for my readers and will also hep Inara.

I am a paper bag lover and was so happy to see this. It was delivered on time !
Soak Udad Dal and Rice for 6 hours
Soak 1/2 cup Udad Dal and 1/2 cup Rice for 6 hours
Soak 1/2 cup Quinoa for 3 hours.
Grind quinoa separately. Rice and Udad Dal together and transfer to a bowl and mix. Add salt and leave to ferment for 5 hours.
Grease idli plates and steam for 10 minutes

   detailed recipe of quinoa idli

  •  White Quinoa-1/2 cup
  • Udad Dal-1/2 cup
  • Sona Masoori Rice/Idli Rice / Raw Rice-1/2 cup

soaking and grinding

Rice and Udad Dal to be soaked for 5-6 hours and Quinoa for 3 hours

Soak the rice and idli together and quinoa separately. Since its a small grain i experimented with soaking for 3 hours and it worked, Grind all this and transfer to a big bowl. Add salt and let this ferment. Since i made a small batch it took 3-4 hours  for fermenting. If your making double quantity, ferment for 6-7 hours and more depending on your climate.


Grease your idli plates generously with oil and add the batter and steam for 10 minutes for mini idlis and 15-20 minutes if you are making in regular moulds. Serve with Peanut Chutney ,Coriander Coconut Chutney or Sambar. I served with Idli Pocdi and Dry garlic Chutney.



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