Shankar Pali /Sakar Pare Recipe

Shankar Pali is a must make Maharashtrian Delicacy during Diwali. It is ghee laden, flaky and crispy.

Aai made these once a while even if it wasn’t Diwali because we just had a lot of excess ghee and milk at home. We carried this for school snacks and ate it with breakfast even.  Two years back mom made this and sent it here and my in laws loved it too, so this year I tried my hands on this. I made a batch a month before Diwali and it wasn’t so great. I scrounged n the ghee which made it non-flaky and hard. It burnt a little as well and the taste was awful.  I added powdered sugar which was again much lesser than required, so you know all in all a not so good experience. This one however hit the spot and was just as it should be.

You will need

Flour- 250 grams

Ghee-90 grams

Sooji/Rawa-70 grams

Powdered Sugar-200 grams

Cardamom Powder-1.5 tsp

Nutmeg powder- A generous pinch

Salt- ¼ tsp

Milk- 1 cup


In a large bowl sieve the Flour and Sooji. Add ghee and mix well. Now add the sugar, Spice powders and Salt. Taste the dry mixture and if you want more sugar add in about 20-25 grams and make a dough using warm milk. Add milk, ¼ cup at a time and make a smooth dough.  We will not be using any flour to dust while rolling, hence ensure the dough is not sticky. Leave this aside for half hour. Again take some ghee on your palms and knead the dough.  Pinch out a ball , about the size of a tennis ball. Roll this on a surface with a rolling pin. Makee sure its not too thin, basically you should not be able to see the surface you are rolling on. Cut to diamonds using a knife , or a Traditional “Kathana” which has a spon at one end and a small wheel like thing on the other that’s used to cut Shankar Pali or roll the sides of a Karanji, I got mine which has a cookie or a pedha incision deep fry in oil or ghee. I fried mine in Dalda.  Cool Completely before storing in an airtight jar. These should be flaky and crisp. Should puff up as well.



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