Tendli Pickle/ Ivy Gourd Pickle.

This is my 5th Pickle Recipe. Sometimes i find myself crazy to have taken up this challenge of leaving 100 recipes in each Genre and this year i could make 8 of them. I still want to make a Shallots Pickle, Lemon Chutney Pickle , Strawberry Pickle ( I know) Fig Pickle etc I only haven’t put too much thought as to how make these pickles. And how uch they would last. The Tendli pickle recipe inspiration is from Tarla Dalal’s website . The recipe is my own . This pickle wont last for too long hence i recommend making it small batches or when you have guests.

Tendli Pickle
Tendli Pickle

Recipe of Tendli Pickle.

Tendli-100 grams

20-30 grams salt

60 grams pickle masala

30 grams sesame oil



For Homemade Pickle Masala

Split Mustard Seeds-50 grams coarsely crushed

Fenugreek Seeds-25 grams coarsely crushed

Red Chilli Powder-20 Grams

Asafoetida-10 grams

Turmeric Powder-1 tsp

Salt-10 Grams

Oil-15 Grams

Method Of Making Pickle Masala

  • Dry Roast Fenugreek Seeds and Split Mustard Seeds and grind Coarsely. (Separately)
  • Mix with other Ingredients .
  • Heat Oil and Mix it all of this and store once cooled.
  • Use on Kahkra and other Instant Pickles.

Method Of Making Tendli Pickle

  • Clean and dry the Tendli/ Chop lengthwise into four and transfer to a clean bowl/
  • Mix in Salt and Pickle Masala.
  • Heat oil and add the Sesame Let it Splutter , cool and mix everything. Will last only two days at room temperature.¬†5 days in the fridge.

Notes :-

Adding black Sesame is totally optional. I added it for the crunch and colour. You could replace it with Kalonji/Nigella Seeds as well. Also Check my Instant Carrot Pickle Recipe. These two pickles can be made and served immediately , You could also make a Mooli/ Raddish Pickle. Red or White when you have guests coming over.






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