Watermelon Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds Podi

this recipe is again in collaboration with True Elements. These watermelon seeds and pumpkin seeds are super awesome and taste so fresh. However its difficult to eat them on their own .i wanted to include this in my det atleast twice a week. At first i made a podi along with other dals and then made this batch with just the seeds and udad dal. I sent the previous batch to my brother and this one is a spicy version and i love it . Pair it with Quinoa Idli, Lentil Idli, Ragi Idli or even Rawa idli.  Make a Podi Idli or mix in with Rice and Ghee and you would be in heaven.


  1. The seeds require roasting and if you put it in a really hot pan they will splutter and pop all over. In order to avoid this , heat the pan and then switch off the flame.
  2. the curry leaves should be washed and dried completely. i spread it for 5 hours on  a kitchen towel.

ingredients for this recipe

  • watermelon seeds-1/4 cup
  • pumpkin seeds-1/4cup
  • udad dal- 1/3 cup
  • dry red chillies-10 (adjust your spice level)
  • curry leaves-1/2 cup packed.
  • hing/asafoetida-1/4 tsp
  • salt- to taste

method of making seed podi

  1. to begin making the podi, first of all keep a big plate ready.
  2. In a non- stick pan roast the udal dal and once it is filled with a nice aroma, switch off the gas and transfer to the plate spreading it on one side.
  3. similarly roast the chilies and transfer to a plate.
  4. next add the curry leaves and keep a close watch ensuring that they don’t turn brown . it should get crispy .
  5.  now heat the pan and switch off. add one seed at a time and transfer to the plate.
  6.  now add salt and hing to the roasted ingredients and let cool for half hour.
  7. grind in the chutney jar to a coarse consistency. Your podi is ready to serve.
  8. pair it with Quinoa Idli, Lentil Idli, Ragi Idli or even Rawa idli.


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