whole wheat garlic potato naan with yeast-how to make potato naan

making Indian breads/ naan specially the ones that we relish in restaurants always intrigued me. The indulgence that comes with butter, the rustic shapes and the aroma of charcoal grill. Ahh! Whats not to like about them? The answer is , maida. Although naans that are made from All Purpose Flour taste the best, one must watch the health hazards and the intake should be controlled.

Naan is a popular punjabi indian bread and is available at all hotels . However i have never eaten anything whole wheat,  These can be eaten plain , stuffed with mashed potato, cheese , or any other vegetable that you like . I paired it with Palak Paneer but a dal makhni, chhole would be brilliant combination. If its a stuffed naan , they can be served with curd, pickle or a raita and coriander mint chutney.

  • whole wheat flour-200grams
  • instant yeast-6 grams
  • salt-10 grams
  • sugar-10 grams
  • oil/butter-15 grams
  • curd/buttermilk -to knead the dough

i used the buttermilk that is leftover from making homemade butter. it gave an excellent sourness and the bits of butter added to the softness .i also make chakli/rice flour chaklis using this buttermilk . you could also replace water with buttermilk for making chapatti /bhature dough.

for the stuffing

boiled potatoes-4

finely chopped onion-1

finely chopped chilli-2

ginger garlic paste-2 tbsp

salt and amchur powder-to taste

method of making naan
  • in a bowl, add whole wheat flour, sugar , salt and oil. mix well. knead the dough with curd or buttermilk adding little at a time. then transfer to your counter top and knead well stretching with the heel of your palm and pulling from the other end.
  • knead briefly for 2-3 minutes. tranfer to a bowl or big container with lid. let this be at room temperature for 2 hours .
  • i made the dough and left it in the fridge for 5 hours and then left it outside an hour before dinner time.
  • to make naan. take a tennis size ball and stuff it with the stuffing . apply nigella seeds and sesame seeds. roll in an oval shape.
  • prick in the center with a fork . this needs to done because the bread tends to puff from the center leaving it doughy.
  • transfer to a baking tray and brush with oil.
  • bake for 10 mins at 200 degrees.
  • serve piping hot.


After brushing oil i sprinkled some Misal Masala and Garlic Flakes from InstaGredients

This variation tasted divine and i strongly recommend their products




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